What is Mixmind?

Mixmind is a communication platform to debate and exchange views on current issues of polarized opinions by matching strangers who a) selected the same subject to be discussed and b) have opposite opinions for this same subject they have selected. The project thus also serve as a social experiment.

Although the internet has a great potential for being the main source of democracy, there is a lack of tools capable of effectively managing and moderating these debates and as a result of the absence of the proper tool, nowadays the internet space is chaotic, with many discussions, but all of them being disorganized, aggressive and ineffective. That's what Mixmind comes to fix.
Who made it?

Mixmind was made (concept, design and code) by Felipe Grinsztajn, student at a digital media design graduation course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project thus is academic and also serve as a social experiment.

Mixmind wouldn't be possible without the help of these people:

Axel Sande
Clarissa Butelli
Eliane Garcia
João Alegria
João Bonelli
Joy Till
Leonardo Cardarelli
Luiz Ludwig
Marcelo Pereira
Maria da Graça Chagas
Rennan Rodrigues
Rian Rezende
Tej Singh

Mixmind wouldn't be possible without these awesome (and free!) projects:

Apache Cordova
Facebook Social Login
Google Firebase
Ionic Framework
Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Is it free?

Mixmind is 100% free to use, and currently is being developed as a nonprofit app.

It's possible that in the future Mixmind gets commercial.

What are Mixpoints(Mpx)?

Mixpoints are reputation points that you earn when you are recognized by another user as being a good arguer, and lose otherwise. Each user can give a 0 to 5 rating to the partner on how good their arguments and their respect during the debate were. The higher this note, the more Mixpoints you get. Below are the relations between the rate and the mixpoints earned by the users:

• 1 star = 1 mixpoint
• 2 stars = 1 mixpoint
• 3 stars = 15 mixpoints
• 4 stars = 20 mixpoints
• 5 stars = 25 mixpoints

In addition to earning mixpoints after being rated, you also get mixpoints when you complete some actions through the app, like for example, confirm the email address and upload the profile photo.

With Mixpoints you can purchase Modpowers.

What are Modpowers?

Modpowers are moderation powers that function as special actions you can acquire with Mixpoints and use it in your discussions. Below is a list of available Modpowers:

•Force to Restate: Forces the other person to restate the same statement in another way of say it. Useful when you feel he/she was not respectful in the statement. Available only when the last message type is a statement, a refute or a reply.

•Refute 3x: You can refute for the 3rd time. Available only when the last message type is a reply 2x.

•Not an answer: If you feel that your pair did not answered your question directly, you can force him to give another answer. Available only when the last message type is an answer.

•Immune statement: You can make a statement that your pair cannot refute. Not available if the last message type is a question or Ask Source.

•Consecutive messages: You can send 3 consecutive messages. Your pair will not be able to act until you send the last one.

•Force to Research: You can force your pair to present you a link (that HE/SHE will need to research through the web) that contains a specific statement. Not available if the last message type is a question or Ask Source.

All Modpowers have a "cost" of 50mpx each time you use it.

How to starting a new chat?

On the tab with the plus icon you can choose the topic you want to discuss. New topics will be added frequently with the app updates. If you wish to discuss a specific topic that is not yet listed, you can suggest it by clicking on the "suggest topic" link at the bottom of the page, or if you prefer, you can manually send an email to newtopic@mixmindapp.com with your the topic suggestion.

After choosing the topic, you need to answer three quick yes or no questions. The system will try to pair you with an user that has chosen the same topic, but has a different opinion about it (that is, the user answered at least one of the questions differently than you).

The system will search for users who are online that has chosen the same topic than you, but has a different opinion about it (that is, the user answered at least one of the questions differently than you). If for 50 seconds it didn't find any, it will automatically starts searching for users that are offline (that marked the option 'let me know when we find it' - see below). If for 10 seconds it didn't find any, you have 2 options:

• Continue searching: the system will search for more 60 seconds;
• Let me know when we find it: We will let you know when an users that has a different opinion than you about this topic starts searching.

Currently available topics:
• Gay Marriage
• Legalizing Marijuana
• iOS Vs. Android
• Israel Vs. Palestine
• Religion Vs. Science
• Death Penalty
• Legalizing Euthanasia
• Refugee Crisis
• Marvel Vs. DC
• Feminism Vs. Anti-Feminism
• Vegs. Vs. Meat-Eaters
• Legalizing Abortion
• American Politics
• Brazilian Politics

How does the debate works?

After being paired with someone who has an opinion different than you, the user who has more mixpoints starts the chat. If the number of mixpoints is equal to both, the system randomly chooses one of the users to start.

At the bottom of the chat window is where you find the action buttons, which change according to the chat context. It is also there that you can use modpowers (the bolt icon).

The action buttons change according to the type of the last chat message. For example, if the last message is a statement, the actions available is going to be: AGREE, REFUSE or ASK FOR A SOURCE. After choosing an action, the composer will be visible to the user, where you can write your message and send it to your pair. Below are the main actions during the chat:

Statement button:
When the user wishes to make an affirmation of his opinion on the subject at hand, he should use the Statement button. The other user will be offered three options upon that statement: I AGREE, REFUTE and REQUEST SOURCE. If you agree to the claim, both the affirmative and the agreed upon earn Mixpoints. If he chooses to disagree, he must defend his position. It is only possible to refute the same statement twice. He may also request a proof/source from another user, that is, a basis for such a claim.

Ask Opinion button:
You can ask a question about what the other user thinks about something within the topic at hand. By doing this, you will earn Mixpoints, since asking questions is a sign that you are willing to listen. By clicking on the Ask Question button, you will be presented to a text box so that you can enter your question. Once submitted, the other user will be required to respond objectively. If his answer does not answer the question, and if the user who asked have enough Mixpoints, he can use the modpower NOT AN ANSWER (see above), which will force the user to answer the question of another manner.

Source button:
The user may submit a source to defend their opinion. The source needs to be link to a webpage (this could be a news website, a video, an image, or anything of the sort). After sending it, the other user will be offered the options: INVALID SOURCE - if the source proves nothing - and UNTRUSTED SOURCE - if the source is from an untrusted site.

When there are no more possible actions, the set ends, and immediately another one starts. The user that starts the chat is defined alternately, being the first set started by who has more mixpoints. So for example, If user A has more mixpoints than user B:
•User A starts the first set,
•User B will start the second,
•User A will start the third set,
•and so on.

Each time a new set stars, the one starting the set will be prompted to rate the other user with a grade from 0 to 5 stars.

*Although Mixmind encourage you to speak your opinion, messages that are unlawfully, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful or offensive in racial/ethnic terms are NOT allowed.

**You shoud NOT use the chat for any other propose other than debating about the topic chosen in the new chat screen; You should not share any personal information thru the chat, including credit card numbers, personal photos or personal documents.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact us.